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The wall creates a unique yoga session that’s both fun and enlightening.  Specifically, the wall is used to:

  • present fundamentals of yoga postures (asanas)
  • align the spine, pelvis and shoulders
  • give immediate feedback to increase awareness
  • nurture opening
  • work with resistance for more effective strength training and stretching
  • assist balance
  • help beginners and those with injuries and functional instability
  • teach intermediate students how to move more gracefully
  • show us where we’re holding on too tightly
  • provide security and support for seniors and those in need of yoga therapy and/or adaptive yoga

Nancy’s first book, Yoga at the Wall, synthesizes her yogic teaching experience with her love of writing.  This book, available in both paperback and digital formats, can help you learn: 

  • fundamental techniques of yoga breathing and practice
  • basic pelvic and shoulder alignment
  • ways in which wall yoga can help you strengthen and stretch
  • simple movements to encourage joint mobility
  • how to use resistance to train the body to open
  • 40 of the most commonly taught yoga postures
  • 25 foundational poses
  • how to adapt yoga postures

 In addition, Yoga at the Wall 

  • illustrates each pose
  • lists do’s and don’ts
  • lists contraindications



Multiple Copies


Krista Jahnke, Detroit Free Press 


“The book is reader friendly and not the least bit intimidating.  Beginners will think, ‘I can do this,’ and yoga teachers will find some useful tips.”

Sharon Steffensen, Editor and Publisher, Yoga Chicago