Each chakra is said to have petals attached to the circumference of is wheel.  Each chakra from the base to the throat, has an increasing number of petals and traditional texts attribute negative qualities to most of these:  qualities such as fear, envy, greed, etc.   Joseph and Lilian LePage, founders of Integrative Yoga Therapy,  describe positive attributes associated with each of the chakras.  These are qualities that we can easily affirm whenever we feel a little off balance in one or more of our whirling energy centers.

For example, if we’re not feeling at home in our bodies or our environments, we can say over and over:  I am fully and joyfully at home in my body, in my dwelling, in my family and in my community.  Below you’ll find a list of the chakras with their positive attributes.  Thank you!!!! Joseph and Lilian.

Chakra 1 (located at the perineum):  Muladhara Chakra:  Birthright of Being/Right to Be   4 Petals

Embodiment, Connection to the Earth, Abundance, Unafflicted by Fear

Chakra 2 (found 2-3 fingers below the navel) :  Svadhisthana Chakra:  Balanced Energy and Emotions            6 Petals

Vitality, Self-nurturance, Emotional Balance, Healing Intimacy, Fluidity, Savoring Life

Chakra 3 (solar plexus):  Muladhara Chakra:  Manifestation through Unity            10 petals

Life Purpose, Radiance, Enthusiasm, Fortitude, Conservation of Energy, Integrity, Non-judgment, Conscious Action, Service, Harmony

Chakra 4 (heart):  Anahata Chakra:  Subtle Heart of Joy                              12 petals

Trust, Gratitude, Acceptance, Compassion, Gentleness, Communion, Playfulness, Appreciation of Beauty, Cheerfulness, Wonderment, Serenity, Universal Love

Chakra 5 (throat):  Vishuddha Chakra:  Purification                                          16 petals

Commitment, Purification, Discipline, Self-study, Discernment, Faith, Non-attachment, Simplicity, Conscious Presence, Equanimity, Grace, Wholeness, Limitlessness, Inner Silence, Bliss, Surrender to the Lord

Chakra 6 (third eye/space between eyebrows):  Ajna Chakra:  Center of Command                                2 petals

Non-duality and Steady Knowledge

Chakra 7 (crown/top of head):  Sahasrara Chakra:  Truth of Unity                               1000 petals

Connection to Source.